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"Capturing the soul of a new
generation of Cubans..."
Martin Häusler, photographer
"Some of the most challenging
shoots of my career..."
Martin Häusler, photographer
3 Summers - 15 Models - One Island
"Blending tradition and modern
was key for this project..."
Martin Häusler, photographer


Photographer Martin Häusler returns with a new exhibition project and the publication of his debut book Cuban Beauty.

Having travelled to Cuba for client shoots many times previously, Martin sets out his own view and perspective of the beauty of this mysterious Caribbean island. Martin spent over three years casting native Cuban models, scouting for the most interesting and beautiful locations all over the island and creating a unique series of photographs with his Cuban team of assistants, wardrobe designers and creatives. His focus was to show a younger Cuba and the interests of a new generation of Cubans, to provide some contrast to many other publications and photographs usually taken on this island.

Both the traditional and modern are blended together in this collection of images, as well as the omnipresent contrast of hardship, that is a day-to-day reality under the communist regime, plus the beauty, grace and pride that unites the people of this island.


Coffee Table Book (28,5cm x 35cm)
192 Pages: 104 pages colour
plus 88 pages box for the FineArt Print
Cover: Red velvet with blind embossing
Red colored edging

Limited First Edition
including signed FineArt Print

Price: EUR 99,00

Shipping exclusively with insured service.
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Past Exhibitions:

May 2018, Heidelberg, Germany

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Future Exhibitions:

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Born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1971, Martin Häusler started his photography career in the late 1990s, having previously worked as a director for music videos and as a designer for many international music artists throughout the Nineties.

Taking the step to move to Los Angeles and dividing his time in between Europe and California for work in the early 2000s, Martin became known for his portraiture work in music and entertainment, for clients including Meat Loaf, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears, Terry Crews amongst others.

His creative journey has been one of continuous evolution and having now shown photography at his own exhibitions in Germany, United Kingdom and the USA, the next step to his first art project 'Cuban Beauty' was a logical one, in his pursuit for the next level of creativity.

Häusler added: "Once I start doing the same kind of thing for a few years, I feel driven to evolve and start a new and fresh challenge."

In 2018, Martin maintains the passion for his work as a photographer around the globe, continues to direct music videos and also enjoys creating visuals and film in his art direction roles for arena shows.